DYMO-Printer SDK Wrapper for PureBasic
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Use DYMO Labelwriter with PureBasic. DYMO4PB provides simple access to the DYMO-SDK with COMatePlus:

  • examine available DYMO printers
  • open / save label from file
  • open / save label from memory
  • modify and print loaded labels
  • change text / address / barcode / graphic
  • smart paste from clipboard / file / string
  • create printjobs for faster printing
  • manage MRU-Labels (Most Recently Used)
  • create DLL

what you need

  • DYMO Label Software (DLS) have to be installed. This Include is created for DLS v.8+ (year 2015+). Maybe it works with lower version, but this is untested.
  • COMatePlus - Version 1.2 included (2010-06-09) (different author & license, see COMatePLUS.chm).


DYMO_Init()	; Use this BEFORE any use of DYMO_*() commands.

DYMO_SetField("TextField", "My Text")
DYMO_SetImageFile("Logo", "MyLogo.bmp")


All functions are described in the include file “DYMO.pbi”.

create DLL

If you want to use the DLL, simple compile “DYMO_CreateDLL.pb” and include “DYMO_DLL.pbi”

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